May 24, 2024. Iowa is a leader and first in the nation to pass legislation on May 3, 2024, helping Iowa charities.  Join Bill Gustoff and Johni Hays for a 1-hour webinar to learn how this law can be used by Iowa charities to protect their donors’ intent and wishes when it comes to collecting on IRA and other accounts left to them upon death.

May 22, 2024. Registration is now live for our 2024 Client Conference. We invite our nonprofit clients and friends to join us as we learn and reconnect.

February 29, 2024.We are thrilled to announce an exciting new feature in GO Connect!  Based on your feedback, we continue looking for ways to make your user experience with GO Connect easier and more efficient.

February 13, 2024. You don’t want to miss this inspiring 12-minute episode of Conversations with Industry Leaders featuring Susan Doliner from Maine Medical Center.

December 19, 2023. Join us on Tuesday, January 16 at 1:00 pm Central for session 2 in this series! The Master Class team has identified five challenges – and opportunities in 2024 where we can continue to elevate philanthropy for our institutions and communities, as well as advance professional development, competency and ultimately success.  

November 16, 2023. Our client conference dates have been released for 2024!  Save the date for August 26-27, 2024 in Nashville, Tennessee.

November 14, 2023. There’s no better way to kick off the relaunch than with experienced charitable gift planner, Grant Whitney. Previously with Harvard for 21 years, Grant is celebrating his first anniversary at Mass General Hospital. 

October 12, 2023. National Estate Planning Awareness Week was adopted in 2008 to help the public understand what estate planning is and why it is such a vital component of financial wellness.  EVERYONE needs estate planning!

June 20, 2023.  Join us on Thursday, July 6 at 1:00 pm Central for a complimentary webinar announcing a huge RIFT victory!  Listen is as two national leaders in the RIFT Project share a recent win for the nation’s nonprofit organizations.

June 8, 2023. Join us in beautiful Music City for a day and a half, on August 28-29, 2023, to connect with the national Thompson & Associates team, learn tips & tricks to help in your everyday work with your donors, and re-energize just in time for year-end activities!

March 21, 2023.  Blackbaud’s Charitable Giving Report in 2021 revealed that the Higher Education subsector’s overall giving grew by 14.5% in 2021 (compared to 2020), with a 10.3% three-year giving trend increase. Are you seeing a 14.5% increase in giving among your remote alumni and donors?

February 9, 2023.  The economic, social and philanthropy landscape has changed dramatically in the last decade.  Philanthropy strategy, donor acquisition and retention, multiple engagement platforms and the dramatic need for talent and professional development are priorities across the industry. 

October 11, 2022.  Next week is National Estate Planning Awareness Week. EVERYONE needs estate planning! This is a perfect opportunity to remind your supporters about the importance of an estate plan for them and their loved ones.
March 15, 2022.  You have donors who want you to succeed; allow us to show them how to support you based on their values and abilities.

March 7, 2022.  Are you missing the cues and clues in donors’ conversations that could lead to more significant gifts from net worth? Explore how being donor-centered leads to deeper donor engagement and greater philanthropic support and estate gifts for your organization.

March 3, 2022.  There’s no better way to kick off March, Women’s History Month, than to feature the National Association of Charitable Gift Planner’s new Chair, Kelli Smith! In this 14-minute podcast, Kelli jam-packs three critical lessons she’s learned and how she’s achieved them!

January 26, 2022. We’re humbled and grateful to have some of the country’s leading specialists in the area of estate planning on our team. We want to highlight a wonderful new resource becoming available on February 1! Vice President Paul Hood releases his second book in his trilogy Planning Your Future series.

January 17, 2022. What impact will rising inflation have on donors and nonprofits? In this complimentary 1-hour webinar, Eddie Thompson will describe how inflation impacts nonprofits and their donors.  He will also offer practical suggestions for nonprofit leadership to prepare for and to thrive during this inflationary period.

Happy New Year from the Thompson Family!

January 2022.  2022 is filled with potential!  We’re excited about the new year and would love the opportunity to provide estate planning services to your supporters.  Our nonprofit partners strengthen relationships with their supporters through our personalized approach that creates tangible gifts and a lasting impact.  Let us demonstrate how our new online tool sets you up for success and tremendous growth! 

December 7, 2021.  Eddie is joined by this month’s industry icon, Rebecca Locke, Executive Director of Gift Planning for the American Red Cross, a role she’s held for 22 years.  Check out this 9 minute podcast!

November 16, 2021.  We are so excited to launch GO Connect to you!  For the past year, we have worked hard behind the scenes to develop this customized tool to guide our joint efforts (at no additional cost to you), and it’s officially here!

    October 28, 2021.  Eddie sits down with Cindy Atmar from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, the largest cancer center in the United States. In this 9-minute podcast, Cindy shares things she’s learned during career.

      October 14, 2021.  Only about 1 in 3 adults have a will, and many people don’t realize a will is only part of an estate plan.  National Estate Planning Awareness Week is a great opportunity to remind your supporters about the importance of an estate plan for them and their loved ones. 

      September 30, 2021.  Thank you for joining us this week for our annual conference!  We missed seeing your smiling faces in person but are thankful for technology allowing us to still come together to invigorate our efforts. Session recordings along with their PowerPoint presentations (if applicable) and tip sheets are now available!

      September 9, 2021.  Join us as Eddie sits down with Art Ochoa, Senior Vice President, Advancement, Chief Advancement Officer, at Cedars-Sinai.  Art shares nuggets of career wisdom in this 9-minute podcast.

      SECURE Act Estate Planning Update

      September 3, 2021.  Our annual conference sessions have been announced and you may now register to join us on September 27 and September 28.

      SECURE Act Estate Planning Update

      August 12, 2021.  We drafted this letter template to send to our Representatives and Senators to flood Washington with the overwhelming message that the 2022 White House budget provision eliminating the benefits of split-interest gifts is not supported.

      August 10, 2021.  We’re delighted to talk with Laurie Kelley this week from Providence, a large health care provider across seven western states.  In this 7-minute podcast, Laurie shares how to be a better person and leader by making these kinds of “waves,” and much more!

      July 27, 2021. Eddie talks with Randy Varju from Advocate Aurora Health, the 10th largest health system in the nation. Randy jam-packs a multitude of invaluable wisdom in this 12-minute podcast, such as the true purpose behind philanthropy, beyond metrics and dollars raised; the danger, and lesson learned, in focusing too much on metrics; not to underestimate the reluctance that others have around joining solicitation calls and how to overcome it; defending philanthropy in different ways depending on your audience; and, so much more!

      June 30, 2021. People use gift instructions to further their values and goals through your organization, not to restrict the mission of your organization.  

      June 24, 2021. Words have power. Many people avoid “death planning” but embrace discussions about what they value: their assets.  And once people commit to give an asset, their support increases for years afterwards. Practical applications based on research by Dr. Russell James and experience by Dr. Eddie Thompson.

      June 22, 2021. Eddie sits down with Susan Dolbert, Senior Vice President with City of Hope. Susan shares insightful wisdom she’s experienced in her fundraising career, such as knowing when to say no to a gift; keeping the relationship healthy and positive between a benefactor and the organization; and, learning to trust your gut – your gut is based on experience!

      June 17, 2021. People typically default to the easiest way to give, the way they are used to giving: writing a check.  But….explore other giving options for larger gifts now and in the future! Practical applications based on research by Dr. Russell James and experience by Dr. Eddie Thompson.

      June 8, 2021. This week, we have the pleasure of talking with health care philanthropy thought leader, Fred Najjar, from CommonSpirit Health who shares a multitude of lessons he’s learned in his career.

      May 19, 2021.  Before we can “sell” planned giving to donors, we have to sell it to our organization.  While decision-makers might be development directors, executive directors, board members, or others, this webinar focuses on the toughest customer to increase investment in philanthropy: the CFO.

      April 20, 2021.  Eddie spends time with Jodi Davis, Chief Philanthropy Officer with California healthcare provider Sutter Health. In this 9-minute podcast, Jodi shares the approach she utilizes to learn everyday, making life more enjoyable and people and situations more interesting; the three best questions to ask your donors to clarify their needs; knowing when to let donors go; and, the importance of reminding people why philanthropy exists at her organization, and why it’s more important than ever right now.

      April 13, 2021.  You likely recognize this popular book trilogy by none other than Alex Brovey titled Zen and the Art of Fundraising.  We sit down with Alex to discuss what compelled her to write the first book, which quickly grew into a trilogy, and how this practical series can empower fundraisers to be successful.

      March 30, 2021.  Join Pamela Davidson and Eddie Thompson as they review sample situations that may come up in your everyday conversations and how to listen and respond.  

      March 25, 2021.  Eddie sits down with Joe Chickey, from the Sharpe Group.  Joe shares what he learned when a donor made an eight-figure gift to another charity; what’s critically important to the success of a planned giving program; how to calculate the percentage of planned giving dollars your organization ought to be raising; and, why you should treat donors like family.  

      February 23, 2021. Join us as we talk with Mark Larkin, President of Boca Raton Regional Hospital’s Foundation.  Mark shares how you can get much greater levels of giving (for the same amount of time spent); the three components he looks for to replenish his major giving list; the key to a successful fundraising event or capital campaign, and more!

      February 9, 2021. For our next industry leader, you likely have one of her books on your shelf.  Join Eddie as he sits down with industry veteran, Alexandra Brovey, to hear what she has learned during her 21 years in gift planning.  

      January 21, 2021. These supporters are the best prospects for making a major gift of assets because they have both ability to give and interest in giving to your organization.  But, how do you know who they are? 

      January 12, 2021.  Join Eddie as he talks with 20-year planned giving marketing veteran Nathan Stelter, President of The Stelter Company, where Nathan shares the quality he thinks one must acquire for success; the most important component to hiring a new team member, & more!

      December 22, 2020.  As you prepare to take some time away from the office (or your home office desk!) for the holidays, we have the perfect fireside reading recommendation for you.

      December 15, 2020.  Hear a short message from our Founder and CEO Eddie Thompson about the astounding possibilities that 2021 offers.

      December 8, 2020.  Join Eddie as he talks with Larry Katzenstein, a nationally-known authority on estate planning and planned giving.  Larry divides his practice between representation of wealthy individuals in estate planning matters and serving as outside counsel to planned giving programs at nonprofits nationwide. 

      December 1, 2020.  In preparation for Giving Tuesday, we’ve compiled these resources for you to have meaningful conversations with your supporters about the opportunities available for year-end planning in 2020.

      November 5, 2020.  Located outside of Chicago, Illinois, learn how Riverside Healthcare Foundation utilizes two days of our planning services and has maintained a full schedule (with a waiting list!) during the pandemic, amidst furloughs and quarantines.
      October 27, 2020.  Now more than ever, many organizations (and their decision-makers) are focused on getting cash in the door now.  In this 13-minute podcast, hear Dr. Russell James shares easy ways to begin building your case to sell philanthropy to your organization’s leadership.
      October 20, 2020.  We sit down with Alice Ayres, President and CEO of the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy (AHP), as they prepare to kick off their Annual International Conference this week, the largest gathering of health care development professionals.
      October 15, 2020.  We challenge you to reach out to at least 10 of your supporters to discuss the importance of estate planning.  This is the perfect opportunity to invite them into the planning process! Scripts and conversational questions are included to help start the conversation.
      October 9, 2020.  We are thrilled to announce that our very own Senior Vice President, Johni Hays, JD, FCEP, was awarded the Distinguished Service Award by the National Association of Charitable Gift Planners at their 2020 national conference, held virtually.
      September 15, 2020.  With Crescendo’s Practical Planned Giving Conference kicking off digitally today, we took a moment to sit down and talk with Crescendo Interactive’s President and CEO Charles Schultz.
      August 20, 2020.  We hope by going virtual this year that more nonprofit professionals are able to join us without the expense of travel. For the first time, we are offering breakout sessions to hear ideas on how to excel in specific areas. AND, all of this year’s content will be recorded for future viewing!
      August 6, 2020.  Founder and CEO, Eddie Thompson, shares his experience with current planning and continued giving.  Also, we’d love to hear from you!  Please take 3 minutes to complete a short survey to let us know how we can better support you.
      July 29, 2020.  Don’t miss Shannon Duval share practical and powerful suggestions to be a better fundraiser.  She discusses several mistakes early in her career and how overcoming them has allowed her to achieve her current success.
      July 8, 2020. In this series’ tenth installment, hear industry veteran Sid Mallory candidly tell his own stories of mishap on his way to becoming a highly knowledgeable and successful fundraiser.  Listen as the AHP Fellow and former recipient of AHP’s Si Seymour Award explains the lessons he’s learned during his prestigious career.  Sid’s simple reminders will help keep you on a successful track!
      June 29, 2020. Our Founder and CEO Eddie Thompson has been elected to serve a three-year term beginning January 2021.
      June 26, 2020. You can now customize the A Gift for You brochures with your logo, organization name, associate’s name, and your own testimonials!
      June 23, 2020. Our Founder and CEO Eddie Thompson talks with one of the nation’s leading health care philanthropy professionals with more than three decades of experience, Bill Littlejohn from Sharp Healthcare.  Bill has led and directed philanthropic programs that have generated nearly a billion dollars.  In this podcast, Bill shares his philosophy and drive for philanthropy, cautions of easy traps to fall into, and inspires professionals what to truly focus on as fundraisers to achieve lasting impact.
      May 22, 2020. Taken from the CDC’s recommended guidelines, we’ve established parameters to keep our nonprofit clients, their supporters and our associates safe and healthy as we resume onsite meetings.
      April 3, 2020. We are living through unprecedented times.  While much of the country and the world has been forced to close, the supporters our organizations serve still need us – maybe now more than ever.  So we want to help you be as effective as possible.  We have compiled some resources to help you navigate through this time and continue your great work of helping others.
      March 30, 2020. Healthcare philanthropy is facing unprecedented challenges. As industry partners, Blackbaud, Advancement Resources, Accordant Philanthropy, and Thompson & Associates, have joined forces to address pressing questions during this time. Join us for this series to understand what fundraising in the new normal may look like.
      March 19, 2020. During this crazy and unprecedented time, know that Thompson & Associates is still here to serve you and your supporters!
      March 12, 2020. Listen in as our Founder and CEO Eddie Thompson talks with industry legend Jerry Linzy from Jerold Panas, Linzy & Partners, Inc. Jerry shares the 3 simple roles of a nonprofit’s board, the key question for new board members, how philanthropy today differs from the 1980s, an industry-wide challenge facing philanthropy, and more!
      February 20, 2020. Listen in with our Founder and CEO Eddie Thompson’s conversation with industry thought leader, David Flood, Senior VP and CDO for Intermountain Healthcare. Don’t miss this powerful episode where David shares humble lessons he’s learned in his philanthropy career, including what Eddie calls the most important lesson in fundraising!
      February 14, 2020. In this podcast, Founder and CEO Eddie Thompson shares 6 reasons why individuals fall in love with an organization, leaving them an estate gift.  Eddie shares ways to cultivate your donor relationships, making a “match” much more likely among your supporters.
      February 7, 2020.  The SECURE Act provides an incredible opportunity for nonprofits to talk to their supporters about the advantages of leaving retirement accounts to charity. We want to equip you to utilize this opportunity by providing you these resources to inform, educate and help your supporters.
      January 29, 2020. The start of 2020 is the perfect time to reflect and refresh our routines and processes. This case study shares proven strategies for how a fellow Thompson & Associates client, the Saint Louis Zoo, has strengthened their program.
      January 24, 2020. Listen in with our Founder and CEO Eddie Thompson’s conversation with industry leader, Steve Orr, Managing Partner of the Orr Group.  Steve shares what he’s learned from his 30+ years in the nonprofit industry, having come from New York City’s financial district.
      January 16, 2020.  Founder and CEO Eddie Thompson proposes a new pyramid corresponding to an individual’s affinity to your organization and how developing passion for your mission leads to greater financial support for your organization.
      January 8, 2020.  Listen in on our Founder and CEO Eddie Thompson’s conversation with industry leader, Michael Kenyon, President and CEO of the National Associate of Charitable Gift Planners (NACGP).  Michael shares 2 simple reminders to keep in mind for your day-to-day work.
      December 23, 2019. The Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act (known as the “SECURE Act”) was signed into law by the president on December 20, 2019, and becomes effective January 1, 2020.  The SECURE Act has several provisions that will impact how taxpayers may save for retirement and what they may do with their retirement funds. Most of these changes are helpful to taxpayers, but not all of them.
      December 11, 2019. You don’t want to miss this conversation!  In this episode, Eddie talks with Bruce Bartoo, CFRE, senior vice president and chief philanthropy officer for MedStar Health. Bruce packs in tremendous insights he’s learned over his career.  This is so good, Eddie encourages bookmarking to listen to every few weeks!
      November 12, 2019. In this episode, Cayce and Bill discuss why owning property in another state is a potential problem when you pass away; how people can avoid transfer issues with out-of-state property; tips to help determine if a donor has property in another state, and more.
      November 8, 2019. In this episode, Eddie talks with one of health care philanthropy’s most provocative thought leaders, Betsy Chapin Taylor, FAHP, where she shares what she wishes she could change about the industry; how to view donors and what they really wish to achieve; what’s required of us to provide to donors to really create impact, and more!
      November 1, 2019.  Our Founder and CEO Eddie Thompson sits down with President and CEO of the National Association of Charitable Gift Planners (NACGP) to talk about the association’s great work and resources available to the industry.
      October 15, 2019. Fundraisers today face an increasing number of obstacles to overcome in their everyday work, such as budget cuts, leadership not grasping the importance of fundraising, wearing too many hats, etc. This 60-minute webinar will explore how to overcome the biggest challenges facing fundraisers.
      October 10, 2019. Did you know the third week in October every year is National Estate Planning Awareness Week?  It’s quickly approaching this year… October 21-27.  This is an excellent opportunity to reach out to your supporters!
      September 25, 2019. Listen in as Brian shares with Eddie how his humbling cancer diagnosis has reshaped his focus on charitable planning; how to approach and stay close to supporters facing a serious health diagnosis; and, the important lesson he learned focusing on what donors want to accomplish for themselves, their families and the organizations they support.


      September 17, 2019. In this episode, Cayce and Bill discuss how states handle estate planning documents executed in another state; what happens if documents are prepared in another state; and more!


      September 10, 2019. Eddie Thompson, CEO and Founder, brings incredible insight and inspiring stories interviewing leaders from different perspectives of the fundraising community: higher education, healthcare, consultants, academia and more!
      August 29, 2019.  When was the last time you received formal training on how to solicit a gift?  Whether it’s been way too long (if ever) or if you’d simply like to learn a few helpful tips, this webinar will prepare you for your year-end asks!  Gain confidence and eliminate any fear of asking your supporters to join your worthy cause.
      August 13, 2019.  In this episode, Cayce and Jason discuss what we mean by a “Brady Bunch” family; what happens to assets (accounts and real estate/homes) if planning doesn’t specifically consider different scenarios, and how as development officers, what can we be listening for to know if our donors have this issue?
      July 31, 2019. For much of his career, our Founder and CEO Eddie Thompson has focused on what makes outstanding organizations outstanding.  In this podcast episode, Eddie compares the winning traditions of two sports franchises to apply to the nonprofit world.
      July 25, 2019. In this episode, Cayce and Jason discuss problems created by lack of planning for people recently married and/or divorced; practical things people need to do when they get married or divorced; and, as development officers, what can we be listening for to know if our donors have this issue?
      July 18, 2019.  Take a listen as Eddie shares questions to ask yourself as you prepare to fill these positions, along with questions to ask your candidates to find the perfect fit.
      July 2, 2019.  In this episode, Cayce and Jason discuss recent estate tax law changes, reducing married couples’ estate tax using a bypass trust, and why a good bypass trust a few years ago may not be good planning now.
      June 25, 2019. What’s more important – a donor’s capacity to give or propensity to give? Listen in as Eddie shares why this is so important, along with specific questions to ask to determine both capacity AND propensity.
      June 20, 2019. Introducing our two guest client speakers speaking on Building a Strategy for Success and Introducing & Inviting Donors into the Process for our annual conference in Nashville this September!  This complimentary conference has also been approved for 9.5 CFRE continuing education points.
      June 18, 2019. In this episode, Cayce and Jason discuss the brief history of estate tax law and the “use it or lose it” exemption, how DSUEA can be preserved, and how as development officers, what we can be listening for to know if our donors have this issue.
      June 12, 2019.  We invite you to take a moment to hear Eddie Thompson, Founder & CEO of Thompson & Associates, share his story of how his father’s example inspired his personal course for philanthropy and his passion to positively impact others.
      May 16, 2019. Join us on Thursday, May 30th to hear Founder and CEO Eddie Thompson explore how fundraising can help your organization thrive in today’s healthcare industry.
      April 24, 2019. In this episode, Cayce and Jason discuss a brief history of estate tax law and the exemption amounts; the importance of the charitable deduction to avoid estate tax; and whether estate planning just to avoid estate tax?
      April 18, 2019.  Recently, we interviewed one of our oldest and most successful clients.  Read the resulting case study to learn how they’ve been successful for so long!
      April 9, 2019. Be among the stars!  Nashville is where the stars want to be!  Not just in country music, but also philanthropy! Registration is open to join our top stars in major gifts and planned giving this fall. It is sure to be an unforgettable time!
      April 3, 2019. Estate planning is not just about what happens upon death.  It also involves lifetime planning – what happens while you’re living. The National Healthcare Decisions Day movement exists to highlight the importance of this preparation, called advance care planning.
      March 19, 2019. Eddie talks about building long-term relationships with donors and the importance of having thoughtful preparation for these meetings, whether it be a friend, long-time board member or potential donor.
      February 27, 2019. Eddie applies best-selling author Jim Collins findings from his book Good to Great to the nonprofit fundraising world.

      Save the Date!

      2019 Annual Conference.  We’ve pushed back our annual conference dates for 2019 so that those that cannot usually make our conference can join us!  Save the date for Monday, September 30-Tuesday, October 1, 2019.  Stay tuned for more details.
      December 14, 2018. Why would someone add a child to a financial account?  What are the problems with adding someone as an owner of a financial account?  What are better options to accomplish the same thing?
      November 26, 2018.  How will the recent mid-term elections impact your organization and supporters?
      August 6, 2018.  Our annual conference July 30-31 in Nashville, Tennessee was a wonderful success!  We enjoyed having nonprofit professionals join us from all over the country for a day and a half of sharing and encouraging, reinvigorating us for an awesome year ahead!