Customize Brochures with Your Logo,

Organization Name, Associate’s Name, and more!

We are thrilled to launch the ability to customize the Gift for You brochures!

This brochure is a 10-page brochure designed specifically for you to use to invite individuals and couples into the planning process.

It includes:

    • A note to the recipient of why you’re choosing to gift our services to them;
    • Our company’s background and our experience;
    • Four important questions we’ll help your supporters answer;
    • How we’re different than their attorney or traditional estate planner;
    • How the process works; and,
    • FAQs.

Our standard brochures are still available to order, without customization, if you wish, for $39.29 per bundle of 50*. 

For those interested, you may now incorporate some personalization into the piece to include your organization’s name, logo, your associate’s name, and room for two of your own testimonials for $49.98 per bundle of 50**.

Digital versions of both standard and custom brochures are available at no cost. The digital files are designed to be emailed and therefore are smaller in size.  For that reason, the digital versions are not printable. 

*We bulk-print these to get the best print price, and are offered at cost only.  There are no markups applied to any of our supplies.

**These are printed on-demand causing the price to be a bit higher than the standard brochure, but are offered at cost only.  There are no markups applied to any of our supplies.

Ready to order your own? Select the Order Now button below to log into our supplies portal.  (If needed, click the Forgot My Password link or Register link if ID isn’t found)

We still suggest utilizing your associate’s bio kit to accompany the brochure.  The bio is a one-page piece designed to be inserted into the brochure to showcase your associate’s bio, while also providing placeholders for your associate’s business card (the kit comes with your associate’s cards) and your own business card with contact information to be easily inserted.  See sample displays below:

Contact Katie Grassmann with any questions!