high propensity donors:

Who are they?
14 Identifying Characteristics

High propensity donors are the best prospects for making a major gift of assets (and for our charitable estate planning process). They have both the ability to give and interest in giving to your organization.

But, how do you know who they are?

Our experience shows that high propensity donors have some combination of the following 14 characteristics (download the tip sheet below for more details and easy reference):

1. Consistency in donating at a high level.

2. No children.

3. Have “successful” or “spend-thrift” children.

4. Highest amount ever donated in one year.

5. Having funded a trust.

6. Female.

7. Wealthy (not perceived wealth).


8. Not married.

9. High donation amount recently or before.

10. Growing trajectory of wealth leading up to death.

11. Consistency in volunteering.

12. Religious (this does not suggest that non-religious are not givers).

13. Positive feelings about their health.

14. Age 70+.

If you are a Thompson & Associates client, click on the Client Resources button below to access a 24-minute video presentation of our Founder and CEO Eddie Thompson detailing the characteristics of high propensity donors so you know precisely what to look for, along with the slides, etc.  (Client Center login required.)

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