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We are living through unprecedented times.  While much of the country and the world has been forced to close, the supporters our organizations serve still need us – maybe now more than ever.  So we want to help you be as effective as possible.

We have compiled some resources below to help you navigate through this time and continue your great work of helping others.  Please contact us if there is anything we can do for you!

If you’re a Thompson & Associates client, please click here for your resources.

Free COVID-19 Response Webinar Series

We collaborated with industry partners Accordant Philanthropy, Advancement Resources, and Blackbaud to provide a free webinar series in response to COVID-19. Join our Founder and CEO Eddie Thompson as he presents with industry data guru Dr. Russell James speaking on Raising Major and Planned Gifts in the Current Environment.  Eddie also speaks on the panel for Resetting Campaign Goals in Uncertainty, Mission Impact: Where Do We Go From Here, and Leadership During Times of Change.

9 Ideas to Move Your Organization from Crisis to Opportunity

From the Mission Impact webinar (above), view the tip sheet takeaway to inspire.

8 Things Successful Philanthropy Leaders are Doing Now

From the Leadership During Times of Change webinar above, view this tip sheet takeaway.

6 Questions Donors Ask Before Giving

From Eddie and Russell’s webinar (above), view the 6 questions donors are asking themselves right now before they decide whether they can give.

6 Planned Giving Options to Offer Donors

From Eddie and Russell’s webinar (above), view the 6 planned giving options to utilize during this pandemic.

Navigating Major & Planned Gifts During Times of Crises

Eddie collaborated with Susan Holt, President of Vision Philanthropy, for a similar presentation as above.  But, in this webinar recording, you’ll hear Susan’s insightful perspective offering valuable tips and things to keep in mind for these times.

Supporting Healthcare

Association for Healthcare Philanthropy and American Hospital Association have collaborated with their Protect the Heroes campaign to encourage the public to give to their local hospitals and other healthcare organizations.  Visit the campaign’s toolkit page for creative you can use in your own efforts.

Blog Post: Fundraising Objectives in a Pandemic

Founder and CEO Eddie Thompson shares a few general thoughts about the COVID-19 pandemic, its impact on organizational donors, and what fundraisers should be doing in this crisis.

Donor Article

This is an article to share with your donors that gives calming, useful information, offered in three different lengths depending on your need.  The article explains that Powers of Attorney (POAs) are the key things to have in place right now.

Choose Your Length
Full-length Version: 714 words before adding contact person and info
Medium-length Version: 513 words before adding contact person and info
Short Version: 326 words before adding contact person and info

CARES Act Tip Sheets (updated)

We’ve prepared a tip sheet for nonprofit professionals summarizing the CARES Act key points as it relates to donor giving, including several ways to share with your donor base with examples.  Additionally, we’ve provided a tip sheet for nonprofit supporters – one in PDF format that is ready to provide your donors or another version in Word format so that you can customize and use in other publications. Tip sheets updated as of April 30, 2020.

Choose Your Version
Tip Sheet for Nonprofit Professionals*: Summarizes the giving aspects of the CARES Act, offering different ways to share the information including examples
Tip Sheet for Supporters (PDF)*: Ready-to-provide summary of the CARES Act
Tip Sheet for Supporters (Word)*: Customizable version of the CARES Act summary to use in different publications

*Tip sheets updated as of April 30, 2020

CARES Act Saves 100,000 Nonprofits

Crescendo Interactive President, Charles Schultz, wrote an excellent article on how nonprofits can potentially benefit from the CARES Act.  Additionally, their webinar recording on the topic is available to watch.

Addressing Today’s Marketing Challenges

Nathan Stelter, President of The Stelter Company, prepared this 7-minute video on three consistent themes and questions we’ve been hearing right now. He covers why framing, fluidity and proactive partnerships are today’s marketing best practices. Above all—it’s time to show our human side.

5 Steps to Weather a Market Downturn Podcast

In this 8-minute podcast, Founder and CEO Eddie Thompson covers 5 steps for nonprofit organizations to weather a market downturn.  A written transcript is also available, if you prefer.

Donors Are Ready

Several news agencies are reporting on the increasing numbers of Americans flocking to online will providers to setup wills and end-of-life directives.  Your donors are seeking for protection and more certainty in their worlds.  Our services provide that!

The Market, The Virus and The Mega Gift

Scott Lange, Founder and President of Visionary Philanthropic Consulting, makes a number of great points in this article regarding the market impact on the mega gift.

Client Resources

On our website’s Client Center you’ll find many resources compiled specifically for you to be effective and to keep a strong planning pipeline during this pandemic, including a piece titled Keep Momentum with Your Planning Pipeline with specific language to reach out to your donors.

Special Webinar for Our Clients

Our nonprofit clients enjoyed a live webinar with Founder and CEO Eddie Thompson and Russell James reviewing how to raise major and planned gifts during COVID-19.

Start Preparing Today!

We know we will get through this.  When the markets return and normalcy is restored, will you be ready to begin building your endowment once again?  Let’s start the conversation today so that you have everything in place.

Thompson & Associates partners with nonprofits to provide estate planning services to their supporters, and can help them determine exactly how the SECURE Act affects their retirement accounts and overall planning goals. The meetings are confidential and provided at no cost to donors.

Contact us today to learn how you can help your supporters clearly understand the ramifications of the SECURE Act on their plans.

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