estate planning red flags podcast #9

Lifetime gifts of appreciated assets

CAYCE POWELL, MBA, J.D., FCEP // President, Thompson & Associates

BILL GUSTOFF, J.D., FCEP // President, Legal Division, Thompson & Associates 

In this episode, Cayce and Bill discuss reasons why giving appreciated assets during lifetime may not be the best plan.  They also point out a few exceptions where a nonprofit can benefit from appreciated assets during a donor’s life.

  • What are lifetime gifts of appreciated assets?

  • What are barriers of giving appreciated assets during life?
  • How can nonprofits help some donors who have savings bonds and IRAs give more effectively?



This series of podcasts focuses on educating development teams across the country with
common pitfalls and red flags faced in estate planning. 
These podcasts highlight problems and obstacles your
donors face in the estate planning process.  Knowing these will help you recognize opportunities to assist
your supporters in determining their best plan, which could include your organization.