“What a wonderful experience to have the opportunity to learn and work with someone so knowledgeable, kind and patient!  Before I met Susann, I thought I had all my papers and plans in order!!  Wrong!  She taught me what I was missing and needed to do.  Now my plans before death and after death can be carried out to the best of my wishes. Thank you!”

-Leah Leaf, Planning Client from Temple Emanu-El, after meeting with Thompson & Associates' Vice President Susann Montgomery-Clark

“This program was an answer to our prayers.  Helped us identify how we wanted our estate distributed among our family and helped us put it in writing.  It made a difficult job pleasant and accomplished and answered our prayers.  The results were ready for our lawyer to complete; assuring our wills would meet our needs and express our wishes.    Consultant with Thompson & Associates was well qualified and pleasant.”

-Milton & Sandra Holmes (retired), Planning Clients from Baptist Health System Birmingham, after meeting with Thompson & Associates' Vice President Susann Montgomery-Clark

“My wife, Susan, and I have been meeting Darren Penny of Thompson & Associates for a couple of months to learn about th[e charitable] aspect of estate planning. We have been so focused on “filling the buckets” for living in retirement that we really knew very little about how to incorporate charitable planned giving into our program. Since the actual charitable transfer of assets usually doesn’t happen until the end-of-life scenario, it often is a lower priority in the planning process. We’ve learned, however, that there are strategies for giving, depending on your situation, that don’t really diminish what you hope to leave for your family and heirs and really help in developing your overall estate plan. For us , it comes down to a simple question: Would you rather give to charity or the government?  These sessions have not only given us valuable information for our own estate but also have given me a little bit of knowledge that will help me have the discussion with potential planned-giving donors about theirs as well.  You may have your own financial planner and estate attorney already. That’s fine. So do we. This is not intended to replace them but to add to the equation.”

-John & Susan Nunan, Planning Clients from Sutter Health Sacramento Sierra Region, after meeting with Thompson & Associates' Vice President Darren Penny

“We greatly appreciate Susann’s kind way of explaining how it would be best to handle our affairs. She made it so easy to retain some of our current documents, to change some others and to add new concepts. Susann is a kind and sweet lady and she explains things in a clear manner. We feel our entire plan is much stronger than before.”

-Hazel & Bill Roth (retired), Planning Clients from Baptist Health System Birmingham, after meeting with Thompson & Associates' Vice President Susann Montgomery-Clark

“Michael Geis and Thompson & Associates helped us accomplish an important life goal for us since so much had changed in our lives the past few years. Not only do we have a plan for what we want to achieve and reflect the legacy that is ours, but we have a road map for the future that brings great peace of mind."

-Pamela Miller, Assistant Director of Planned Giving & Estate Administration, Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics, Kansas City, MO

“All our donors who have worked the process with Michael Geis have sung his praises like none other. While I knew how professional, genuine and compassionate he was, I discovered first-hand going through the process myself how even more exceptional he is. My husband would never have continued had he not felt confident in Michael, and he has since recommended Michael and Thompson & Associates’ process to others. Working with Michael will not only help me better convey the value of Thompson & Associates’ services to others, but also inform me to me a better listener and advocate for Children’s Mercy.”

-Pamela Miller, Assistant Director of Planned Giving & Estate Administration, Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics, Kansas City, MO

“This was a very helpful process that helped me to define what I wanted to do in deciding how my will is to be completed and clarified to my family.”

-Sarah Barbour (retired), Planning Clients from Baptist Health System Birmingham, after meeting with Thompson & Associates' Vice President Susann Montgomery-Clark

"Carol and I completed our wills etc yesterday.

We are very pleased. The tricky parts that Doug educated us on (charitable giving via IRAs) will be handled directly from the IRAs and the beneficiary designations. Doug had offered to review the material but I don’t think it will be necessary. We like what Christine came up with in terms of taking care of the kids in a controlled manner and providing for the education and welfare of our youngest. Certainly, I will see Doug here and there.

Christine made an interesting comment as we departed. She has worked with six Thompson & Associates clients now and indicated they are “80% more knowledgeable” than the average person that walks in the door. The average person is more in the “whatever you think” mode. Folks like us have a greater understanding, she said “holistic” view, of the complexities of the process. We are pleased."

-Bob & Carol Kelly, after meeting with Thompson & Associates' Senior Vice President Doug Olson

“First and foremost we both want to thank you again for helping us with what is probably the most important thing in our lives…our estate planning. You’ve done such a wonderful job guiding and educating us on what is a complicated subject. You have a way of taking a complex topic and explaining it in clear and simple terms. That is so important. And your professional approach to everything quickly gained our respect and trust. We will forever benefit.”

-Frank and Terri, after completing Thompson & Associates' charitable estate planning process with Ron Smith

Here is an excerpt from an email received from a client after their board voted unanimously to approve a fifth year with Thompson:

“One board member commented that, ‘it’s the best thing we have done.’ Kudos to Allan [Fisher] for his exceptional work and to Thompson & Associates.”

-Megan Thomas, Chief Development Officer - St. Luke's Wood River Foundation

"We have worked with them for almost 3 years; At the end of 24 months they reported $4.1 million in estate gifts coming to McKee Foundation at some point in the future; The ROI can't be beat; we have them under contract for one day per month. What I pay Thompson in a years' time is what I would be paying a major gifts officer.

Our rep, Frank Stepp, is much more experienced and effective than the talent pool from which I would have to hire here in northern Colorado; Don't delay! My board members would agree, this is one of the best investments we have made in a long time. Be prepared to do the background work however; your rep can't make it happen without the research of your data base and constant working the prospects to meet with the rep. It takes more time of some staff member than you might think. And, during some months, it is hard work! "

-Julie Johnson Haffner, Executive Director - Mckee Medical Center Foundation

"We utilized the estate planning review process which the Sanford Health Foundation so graciously offered through Doug Olson of Thompson & Associates. We were thoroughly satisfied! We would recommend his services/review to others-without reservation.

Doug is extremely knowledgeable in the estate planning area; the process which Thompson & Associates/Doug utilizes is thorough; there was no 'pressure' placed on us at any time during the process. Since Doug and his company have no products to sell, their focus is on making certain that our plan was current and that it would fulfill our estate objectives. Our financial and planning professionals were involved in the process.

We also needed (and appreciated) the "nudge" that this gave us to review our estate plan. Even though we had last done this in 2000-and that work was still quite good-we found several areas wherein some changes would better serve our current situation. Thanks to Sanford Health Foundation for that "nudge." In summary...we're advocates! It was a good process and a good use of our time!"

-Dick & Jane Bohy - Planning Clients, Sanford Health

"Working with Thompson & Associates was a very positive experience. Doug Olson was low-key, never pressuring us to do something that we didn't want to do. Our goal was leaving a legacy to make a better world for others and for our children. Doug helped us achieve those goals. Our old will and testament was outdated, and this gave us an opportunity to look at new ways of giving to others. Our thanks to Sanford Health Foundation for giving us this opportunity."

-Dr. Peter & Sheryl Johnson - Planning Clients, Sanford Health

"Been working with them for just over 2 yrs; resulted in almost $5M in bequests PLUS lots of 'good will' from our donors; consider this to be a good investment; Ron Smith is very personable, a pleasure to work with, and an expert at estate planning. An evaluation form comes back to us after each session is completed. We always hear great things. People appreciate the time and attention Thompson and Associates brings to looking at much more than the financial aspects of estate planning. "

-Nicholas J. Koas, Sr. VP, Institutional Advancement, Mercy Health Services

"We started working with Thompson in October 2008. Last year we raised $8.9 million in deferred gifts – however, one of those gifts was $4 million. I think hiring Thompson was one of the best things we have done. Other comments: I don’t believe 2009 is representative of what we will arrange in 2010 or even in subsequent years. However, I am comfortable in believing we should be able to raise $3 - $6 million a year in the future. I believe our success is due, in part, to getting the right donors to participate. I believe the biggest single determinant of success will be whether you have one person in your office who is responsible for making the program work. In the absence of having one person with this responsibility, everyone will assume someone else is working the program. Also, it does take some time to make the calls, send the letters, etc. – but it has paid off very well. Another part of our success is due to the fact that our VP believes in Thompson and she and the other major gift officers work to get their accounts signed up for the program. In fact, our VP has made it clear to the major gift officers that she expects them to help out. The Thompson program has allowed us to get donors involved who otherwise wouldn’t talk to me – for any number of reasons, such as not wanting to divulge personal information to a foundation employee; not necessarily perceiving us as experts, etc."

-Eric N. Quist, J.D., LL.M., Manager of Gift Planning, MultiCare Health System

"Been working with them for almost 2 1/2 years (since jan 08); 28 individuals or couples have completed 'the process' total; 1st yr: 12 individuals/couples completed…return on investment $127 for every dollar invested; 2nd yr: $124 for every dollar invested (16 individuals or couples completed); awesome on so many levels; particularly the way our donors appreciate that they've provided the service; they view it as a "thank you" from the YMCA; especially effective due to being an unbiased 3rd party and that it's confidential; participants have their meetings (for the most part) at the YMCA; Suzanne Iler and/or Journey Johnson greets everyone when they come for meetings (offers a gentle reminder that the Y initiated this service); gives women a chance to understand the process; gives men peace of mind; think the world of Jeremy Pharr; every person who has met with him has really 'clicked' with him."

-Suzanne Iler, VP Planned Giving, YMCA of Middle Tennessee

"Big thumbs up!"

-Journey Johnson, CEO, YMCA of Middle Tennessee