For Professional Advisors

How We Work With Professional Advisors

In simple terms, the Thompson & Associates' consultant acts as a teacher to individuals and families.  Thompson & Associates is held on retainer by nonprofit organizations to help a certain number of their donors with a charitable estate planning process.  Our only goal is to help the donors fulfill their objectives.  This usually requires a team effort between Thompson & Associates and the donor’s professional advisors.

We do not benefit from our recommendations either directly (donors NEVER pay us for our services) or indirectly (we do not sell anything or manage any money).  Our flat fee is paid by the nonprofit organization and will not change based on our recommendations or gifts received from the participating donors.

Every donor enters the process with different questions and unique issues.  We serve as a resource to individuals and families, helping them articulate their values and objectives.  Then, we explore the various options available, charitable and non-charitable, to help them accomplish their objectives within the framework of their values.

Our planning process with individuals could result in anything from an affirmation that their current plan is exactly right for them to detailed recommendations involving new estate planning documents.  The outcome solely relies on the desires and needs of the individual or family – not Thompson & Associates or the sponsoring nonprofit organization.

We do NOT suggest charitable gifts unless the donor indicates a desire to make such a gift and a charitable gift would help them accomplish their objectives.

Additionally, we do not solicit funds for the sponsoring nonprofit organization nor try to persuade the donors to give more to the organization than they would like.  The choice for charitable beneficiaries, if any, and the amount to each is solely the individual’s choice – as it should be.

Often, our planning process results in the need for documents to be drafted, insurance to fund the plan, and assets to be managed in trust.  These personal services are handled by you, the individual’s trusted advisors who have, perhaps, worked with and known the donors for years and will continue to work with them long after the planning process with Thompson & Associates concludes.

We understand our limited role as planners and teachers.  We also understand your critical role as the donors’ professional advisors.  As a team, we can work together to formulate and implement a plan that best addresses the individual’s values and objectives.

To learn more about how Thompson & Associates works with professional advisors, please contact one of our dedicated planning attorneys:
Jason Meredith: (214) 513-1013,

Bill Gustoff: (515) 974-6555,