For Individuals

Our Process for Individuals

A Personalized Charitable Estate Plan

A representative of Thompson & Associates guides individuals and families through a detailed charitable estate planning process.  The goal is to create a thoughtful estate plan (or review an existing estate plan) that transfers assets to loved ones in a way that is tailored to fit their individual personalities and needs and identifies philanthropic capital that may be used to support the nonprofit community.

Some individuals may simply want unbiased advice on a gifting or planning strategy they are contemplating.  We provide confidential planning advice for people who have specific questions about any aspect of their estate, including gifting opportunities.

Free and Confidential Service To Donors of Nonprofit Organizations

Individuals never pay us anything.  We are held on retainer by nonprofit organizations to offer these services free of charge to their donors.

We respect the confidential nature of our conversations.  All of your personal information will be held in the strictest confidence, and will not be shared with anyone without your direction. 

The Plan Is YOURS!!!

Your decisions about which nonprofits to support, if any, are entirely yours.  We encourage you to share your decisions with the nonprofits you are supporting as a way of encouraging them as they work for the good of the community. We hope, too, that you will share your decisions with members of your family as a way of teaching philanthropic principles.

The planning process of Thompson & Associates is very detailed and has been developed over the last thirty years.  However, because each family is unique, the precise schedule may vary depending upon the level of complexity and individual circumstance.  What's important is your timing.  We will take whatever time is needed to make sure your questions are answered and the expected outcomes are in accordance with your wishes.