Charitable Gift Planning Resources

Thompson & Associates
March 2014

Books Written for Professional Advisors:

  1. Tax Economics of Charitable Giving, 2013/2014 Edition, published by Warren Gorham and Lamont of RIA. 800-950-1216;
  2. The Tools and Techniques of Charitable Planning, 2nd Edition, published by the National Underwriter Company. 800-543-0874. 3rd edition coming in 2014
  3. Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits, 7th Edition, by Natalie Choate, published by Ataxplan publications. 800-247-6553.
  4. Estate Planning, 7th Edition, Dalton/Landgon;
  5. Harnessing the Power of the Charitable Remainder Trust, 8th Edition, by Marc D. Hoffman; available through Amazon

Books/Papers Written for Charity Staff:

  1. The Complete Guide to Planned Giving, 3rd Edition, by Debra Ashton & Associates. 617-472-9316.
  2. The Philanthropic Planning Companion, by Brian M. Sagrestano and Robert Wahlers, Wiley 2012.
  3. The Planned Giving Advisory Council: Building your Team of Helpful and Influential Donor Advisors, by Dr. Scott R. P. Janney, Partnership for Philanthropic Planning National Conference Paper; September 29, 2005.
  4. PPP paper,The Guidelines for Reporting and Counting Charitable Gifts.”
  5. PPP paper, “Charitable Life Insurance Evaluation Guidelines.”
  6. “Life Insurance and Charitable Planning: How to Stay on the Right Side of the Comfort Line in the Quick Sand,” The Journal of Gift Planning.
  7. Donor Centered Planned Gift Marketing, by Michael Rosen, Wiley & Sons.
  8. Planned Giving: Management, Marketing, and Law, 3rd Edition, by Ronald R. Jordan and Katelyn L. Quynn, John Wiley & Sons.
  9. Planned Giving Simplified, by Robert F. Sharpe, Sr.

Books Written for Donors or Potential Donors:

  1. BEYOND SUCCESS, Building a Personal, Financial, and Philanthropic Legacy by Randall J. Ottinger.
  2. Charity, Philanthropy, and Civility in American History, Lawrence J. Friedman and Mark D. McGarvie (2003) Cambridge University Press

Websites for Charity Research:


Websites and Blogs Written for Professional Advisors or Charity Staff:

  1. – Emanuel Kallina, resource for professional advisors and gift planners, subscription required; daily e-mail available
  2. – Steve Leimberg; resource for professional advisors; more than just gift planning, also estate planning, elder law, etc.; subscription required; daily email available
  3. – Planned Giving Design Center – free website with excellent technical content; provides an email update daily or weekly
  4. – Partnership for Philanthropic Planning (fka National Committee on Planned Giving); membership organization
  5. Giving USA (free report on the annual highlights)
  6. – Eddie’s Blog, “The Fundraising Executive”

IRS Publications/Forms:

  1. IRS Publication #526, Charitable Contributions
  2. IRS Publication #561, Determining the Value of Donated Property
  3. IRS Publication #1771, Charitable Contributions - Substantiation and Disclosure Requirements
  4. IRS Form 8283
  5. IRS Form 8282
  6. IRS Form 990

Other Publications:

  1. Planned Giving Today, Tom Cullinan editor, published monthly by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.
  2. Taxwise Giving, Conrad Teitell editor, published monthly by Taxwise Giving